About Us

At the Law Offices of Joseph Y. Avrahamy, you will find skilled and experienced personal injury attorneys who are dedicated to the protection of your legal rights following an accident. It is our firm’s mission to assist injured victims in winning their personal injury claims and receiving maximum compensation awardable to them for the distress which they suffered. We advocate on your behalf at every step, helping you secure compensation for medical bills, property damage, financial losses, etc.

Our lawyers are here to make sure nothing keeps you from recovering the way you should, and that includes helping prevent lack of funds or financial challenges. There may be significant medical care involved before you are 100%, in which case we would try and get your treatment paid for by the defendant, after clearly proving their liability in the event which caused your injury as well as subsequent need for treatment. All the right measures would be taken to make sure your related doctor’s bills do not drag you under anytime in the future.

Vehicle repair is often the other side of the coin to personal injury. If you were in an accident which damaged your property or vehicle, it may need to be replaced, and the cost of that would justifiably be shouldered by the at-fault party. Meanwhile, you would need a rental vehicle to get around, and the cost of this too would fall under the at-fault party’s responsibility to manage. Payment given to the rental car company would come out of the settlement or compensation which you receive.

We aim to get you the maximum financial compensation available from the defendant, covering every single loss and damage you suffered, as well as compensation for how it impacted you. Of course, it would be up to the jury how your suffering is appraised at the end of any trial, but usually, if your injury and the other party’s culpability can be proven, compensation is guaranteed. With one of our attorneys at the helm, you have better chances of walking away with a substantial amount, which would hopefully make your recovery that little bit easier. Call us now to get a free evaluation of your case, and we can get started calculating you damages, as well as decide whether you want a settlement or litigation.