What Legal Options Do a Hit-and-Run Accident Victim Have

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Hit-And-Run Accident

In every US state, if one leaves or flees from the scene of an accident, especially one that involves injury(s), it will be considered a serious crime. Sometimes, drivers run from the accident spot, as they might be responsible for some other crime. Obviously, you will hope that the police finds the driver who injured you in a hit-and-run accident. However, at times, an injured party could be left without anyone to hold responsible for the same.

If that occurs to you in a California accident and you are not incapacitated by it, you have to stick to these standard procedures.

  • Stop your vehicle right away, and do what can be done to not obstruct the traffic.
  • Seek immediate medical help by calling 911 if any person has been injured by the accident. Even if you are feeling all right at the spot, you have to submit to a medical examination therein or inside twenty-four hours of the crash.
  • Start taking photos right away and get the other vehicle’s license plate number, if possible. Take all photos that you can in case you sense the other driver might just be about to flee the spot.
  • Your emergency call should summon the police as well. Make it a point to ask them how to get a copy of the accident report and when the report will be available.
  • Ensure that all involved drivers exchange their name and address, driver’s license, phone number, vehicle registration number, and insurance firm contact as well as insurance policy information.
  • Remain at the accident scene until a police officer dismisses you.

Can your Insurance Firm Help after the Accident?

As the one who got injured in it, your automobile insurer might just be able to help. Some US states necessitate drivers to carry either uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, though California makes that insurance coverage optional.

If the present automobile insurance policy of yours does not comprise UM or UIM coverage, then the smart thing to do is to buy it promptly. If the police cannot find the driver, then you should still be able to tap the coverage of yours. The UM or UIM protection lets you submit a claim against your insurer and policy following the hit-and-run up to your coverage limit.

Does Additional Coverage Make Sure you Will Be Compensated?

Having this coverage does not necessarily guarantee that the injured victim will be compensated for their medical costs. An automobile insurer may have no issue reimbursing for minor vehicle repairs, but if victims plan to file an injury claim, it is important that they get the advice from a personal injury lawyer first.

Never agree to a very early settlement offer all on your own. Do not sign anything without the recommendation from an injury attorney either. This is because doing so might negate your entitlement to take further action.