Pros and Relative Cons of Lab-Made Diamonds

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Many online jewelers sell lab-grown diamonds in loose form and as set in engagement rings. These are made in laboratory conditions, which mimic the conditions in which diamonds form naturally. Many customers have positive things to say about lab-grown diamond jewelry. For instance, reading some Beverly Diamond reviews of rings featuring the lab-grown stones, elicit a happy feeling in the reader. Let us first understand why many are happy about buying lab-grown engagement rings. The man-made rock has some relative disadvantages too, but not all of those are applicable to the customer.

The Pros

Lab-Made Diamonds Cost Lesser than Mined Counterparts

To artificially produce diamonds, the laborers involved are much less than in mining. For this reason, the price of a lab-grown diamond is 20% to 40% less than what a natural counterpart costs you. This means you can get better color, clarity or carat when you choose an artificial diamond over a natural one.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Conflict-Free

Some diamonds are mined in areas of armed conflict and are traded illegally to fund the fighting. “Conflict” and “Blood” are two terms used to describe those diamonds. Conversely, no mining is involved in the making of artificial diamonds, so the question of conflict does not even arise.

This means you can buy lab-made diamonds without bothering whether these are unethical. Just go ahead and make the purchase – these are ethical diamonds.

Lab-Created Diamonds Come in All Sizes and Shapes

As does natural diamonds, but because the man-made rocks cost relatively less, you are at liberty to pick and choose. Sometimes, customers choose not to buy a bigger carat diamond or one with a high clarity grade because they cannot afford it. However, with lab-made diamonds, you are free of all these hurdles, so you can pick any from the available lot.

The Cons

Uncertain Future

A lab diamond usually costs less, but it is not easy to tell how the value of this stone will be treated in the future. As technology becomes better and more manufacturing chambers are needed, the value of artificial diamonds may stay the same, decrease or increase. Now, how does this may impact you as a customer? If its resale value decreases, you will not get much from the buyer of the lab-made diamond ring.

Needs More Energy to Create

The amount of power required to make these diamonds is immense. Many businesses are working to utilize alternative energy whenever it is possible, but the industry still uses power from the grid for this purpose. Unfortunately, this affects the carbon footprint needed to grow these rocks.