Tips To Pull Off A Professional Video Conference From Home

Working from home is becoming more common than in the past. With the advent of new technologies in communication, the works that you used to do in the office can be easily done at home. You can set up a room in your house to do a video conference and avoid the hassle of traveling.

With proper planning, you can do a productive video conference. Here are some tips that will help you to pull off a professional video conference from your home.

Double-Check Your Settings

The first and foremost thing to do before doing any type of video conference from your home is to check the settings of the software you use for the video conference and make sure that everything is perfect. Make sure that you enabled the mirror effect. It will help to avoid confusion when you show something to the participants. It is annoying to start taking and realize that you have to unmute the microphone. Therefore, always unmute the microphone before starting the video call.

Test The Network Connection

Most people ignore this important rule before doing a video call from home. You should test your Wi-Fi connection before starting the video conference. Most people usually ignore it because the connection may seem fine during web browsing. But you need a better network connection for doing a video call.  It is recommended to use video conferencing software that uses better network bandwidth.

Use The Best Camera

There are computers that have excellent in-built cameras that help you to do a video call with better clarity. But in most of the laptops, the camera is placed in an angle that makes an inattentive and off-putting look of your face. The best way to avoid this problem is to buy a high-quality webcam and put it on your monitor with a better angle of your face. An external camera allows you to change the angle according to your convenience.

Set The Right Lighting

Even if you are using a high definition webcam, it can create an inattentive and off-putting look on your face without proper lighting of the room. It is better to have a light source behind the camera rather than behind the subject. For that, you can either place your computer in front of the window or place LED desk lambs behind the camera. You can also seek the advice of professional video conferencing installers for the right light setting of the video conference room.