Personal Injury Lawsuit

How To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

People think that filing a personal injury lawsuit is not so difficult. The basic thing to do in the lawsuit filing process is to inform the defendant and the court about the basis of your case. But what if the defendant doesn’t respond? Most of the non-lawyers do not know how to handle that situation. […]

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Personal Injury Lawyer

Legal Options For Work Related Injury In California

The legal options for work injury are different from that of personal injury and in the state of California there are three options for the worker. They are the following: a personal injury lawsuit against a third-party, a workers’ compensation claim and a two-pronged approach using the previous two options. Therefore, it is important to […]

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How to Find a Tourist Accident Attorney?

In California, handling a tourist’s accident is different from dealing with an accident involving a citizen. The citizens will have insurance coverage if they get involved in an accident, however, this might not be applicable for the visitors from other countries. Hence, if you are a foreigner and gets injured in an accident when visiting […]

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