How Vital is Photographic Evidence of a Bicycle Accident

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Photographic evidence is extremely important. The photos taken at the accident scene are extremely helpful since they show the bicycles’ at-rest positions. At times, the photographs show skid marks, the vehicle’s location, and whether or not people are wearing their helmets. Therefore, the photos are extremely helpful from a legal standpoint. They oftentimes show the injury due to an accident. They have a great evidential way.

Insurance companies occasionally claimed the photographs prove that it is a staged accident or a phony one. Accident injury lawyers saw those cases in the past. Now that cell phones are the rule, not the exception, they no longer see that argument.

One of the many reasons why an accident lawyer wants to enter a case early on is to all preserve evidence therein. Photos captured at the accident scene preserve them to that extent. They are good to have at all times.

People ask lawyers if they feel that drivers on the road have a tough time responding to cycles. The common perception is automobiles do not always give a great deal of respect to bicyclists. When a bicycle is riding ahead, the vast majority of motoring public either slows down or consciously makes an effort to give it space. Things can get tight especially when the road is narrow, and there are parked cars.

Another way to answer that doubt is this: bicycles are tough to see for cars on the road. Cars certainly have blind spots. Motoring public glance over their shoulder to look for cars and make turns without noticing any cycles passing. Thus, they should rather pay heed to bicycles in a better way. If they do not, accidents can happen.

The main concern of people involved in an accident should always be the safety of all and sundry. That means those in an accident has to remain at the spot when unhurt and/or it is possible to do, and check others involved in it for bodily injuries as well as administer first aid. If required, they shall first call an ambulance quickly and then call the police.

When possible, the pieces of information they are able to collect at the scene can certainly have an impact upon the success of a future accident claim that they may file. That pertains to things such as the personal information of involved drivers, personal information of eyewitness if any and their statement, the photos and more.