Legal Ways of Dealing with Alcohol-Related Accidents

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Alcohol-Related Accidents

Alcohol is that dangerous substance that slows down the functioning of the brain and affect the pace and quality of your response. Meanwhile getting behind the wheels under the influence of alcohol will prove to be even more dangerous task, risking both your life and other innocent lives on the road. Many states had got strict legal ways to crack you down once you are caught driving with the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol-Related Accidents in General

Those automobile accidents that have occurred on road due to a person driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol may be labeled under the category of alcohol-related accidents. Though some comparable accidents involved with other transportation forms are covered mainly under the intoxication assault laws, major other accidents are listed under the DUI laws (driving under influence). Meanwhile, these laws are at times called ‘driving while intoxicated laws’ (DWI) in many jurisdictions.

Examples of Alcohol-Related Accidents

A wide range of accidents can come under the category of alcohol-related accidents. Striking any object likes that of a light post, tree or wall with the car; car-to-car collisions; or knocking a bicyclist or pedestrian with a car are the basic examples of such accidents. The cause for any accident proven that is due to the presence of alcohol is confirmed by the methods like testing of blood samples or breathalyzer test. The benchmark for charging a person with the DUI law is 0.08 % and above the content of alcohol concentration in the blood.

Penalties Imposed for Alcohol-Related Accidents

The penalties for such an action under the DUI laws can be charged with strict criminal consequences as grave as imprisonment that may extend up to a year or a heavy criminal fine. These are the legal terms for a repeated action, caused SBI (serious bodily injury) to the other party or had turned really fatal.

Filed by the complainant who had been victimized, the offender of alcohol-related accidents will be deemed as a subject to a civil lawsuit. Such a situation demands the responsible party to pay back the expenses of the victim’s car repair charge and other medical bills. The final consequences of DUI charges include revoking of the license and compulsory counseling session against alcohol abuse.

Need for an Attorney to Handle Alcohol-Related Accidents

For the assistance of such a challenging case, hiring a personal injury attorney would be very useful as there is every chance of being loopholed in between the victim and the offender. The legal claims regarding the alcohol-related cases can be solved with the aid of an efficient lawyer who can aid you with filing the claims, reviewing documents and at last delivering legal argumentation in court proceedings.