Recovering after a Spinal Cord Injury

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Spinal Cord Injury

Oftentimes following an accident, you start getting the feeling that something is not right. This could be the aftermath of a work-related incident, a car accident, or some different trauma. The shock of it may have left you without feeling in some part of your body, and you may also have chalked up some strange sensation to the same.

After that comes the part where the doctors tell you that you have sustained a partial or even complete spinal cord injury. Such an injury involves the vertebrae, and if it is complete, then you may be facing lifelong paralysis.

The Issues

While at first your inability to walk may be the most pressing concern, there would almost inevitably be others as well which need to be addressed. It is often seen that secondary complications of paralysis are a heavier challenge, and these can include cardiovascular and respiratory issues. You could end up losing bowel or bladder control, and sometimes also body temperature regulation and sexual function. You may become more susceptible to skin breakdowns and infections.

All of these things eventually lead to loss of independence, decreasing your quality of life through a raised need for physical therapy and ongoing medical care. In many cases there are surgeries needed, as well as significant time spent in the hospital and in rehabilitation. The emotional component is significant as well, especially since there would have been major trauma arisen from the life-changing injury. Sometimes it even takes seeing a mental health professional to get through the challenges.


If someone else caused the accident that got you into the situation you now find yourself in, then they are morally and legally obliged to do right by you. There are several things they can make up for, including the cost of care you now have to shoulder, the lost wages resulting from your inability to work the same job as you used to, and plenty of other things. It goes without saying that for you, coping would be a drastically hard task in and of itself, and this is not something which should be further heaped with worry about money.

A good personal injury lawyer from our team can ensure that you win the compensation which you deserve. Make sure to get in touch with the Davkauf law office to explore your options in this area.