What to Do if an Insurance Adjuster Denies your Claim?

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When you file a personal injury case for claiming money, you might have to deal with the defendant’s insurance company. The insurance company will make investigations about your claim and will access the evidence you submitted. Insurance companies will have an insurance adjuster who is responsible for deciding a settlement amount based on the damages you suffered because of the accident. Whether it be a motor accident, slip and fall accident, or a dog bite injury case, the procedure will be the same.

Sometimes it is possible for the insurance adjuster to deny your claim. The common reasons for denying a claim are:

  • the policy is expired
  • that particular type of accident is not covered
  • the location of the accident is excluded from the coverage policy
  • the person who is liable for the accident is not covered
  • you do not have the right to make a third-party claim under the rules and regulations of your country
  • if you are partially responsible for the accident

However, the denial of your claim by the insurance adjuster does not mean that you will not get any compensation from your lawsuit. Instead, this will become another element in your claim settlement. Even if the adjuster denies the claim, you still have the right to recover money for your damages caused by an accident.

What to Do When your Claim Gets Denied?

First of all, ask the insurance adjuster to provide you a written statement that explains the reasons for denying your claim. It should include the references to specific policy terms that limit the coverage. This will give you a clear idea about whether the adjuster is bluffing or if there are any precise reasons for denying you the compensation.

If the adjuster is not ready to provide you a written explanation, then write a formal letter to the adjuster for confirming your conversation. This should mention the details about the denial of your claim and the insurance adjuster’s unwillingness to provide the explanation. This will pressure the advisor to give you the necessary information, otherwise, it will become a black mark for the company.

You can consult a personal injury lawyer for negotiating with the insurance company. Insurance companies can sometimes deny your claim without any proper reason. Hence, an experienced injury lawyer may be of help to you as they will have knowledge about how to deal with the insurance companies legally. If the insurance company understands that you are adamant on claiming the money you deserve, they will show willingness to negotiate a settlement amount with you. Hence, consult a good personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if an insurance company denies your claim.