Best Flooring Material for Pet-Friendly Homes

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Pets are the best friends of man and they deserve hospitable treatment at homes. It is important to consider their safety and comfort while you design your homes. Choosing a flooring design that is safe for them also ensures the comfort of people walking on it. Below is a discussion on the best available choices that guarantee the comfort of your pets. Find the information on the website of the most prominent builders of Los Angeles.

Best Hardwood Floors for Pets

It is common that homeowners prefer to have hardwood as the base of their homes. In case you own a dog, there are a few factors to consider. The best hardwood option available would be hickory or oak that has a solid urethane finish and a stressed appearance. These properties will keep pet wear and tear away. Note that hardwood is cold and vulnerable to cuffs, and will not make for the best dog-friendly option available.

Best Laminate Flooring for Dogs

It may not be possible to install hardwood at your home if you own a dog. However, with the aid of innovative manufacturing, you can use laminate flooring to properly accommodate your dogs. These have the specialty of imparting a hardwood appearance while providing essential comfort and safety to your dogs. This would be a better option than hardwood.

Laminate is made of 4 layers which can absorb the impacts of everyday shock and active use. The wear layer protects the floor from fading, pet stains and surface burns. All these make the combination of dogs and laminate wooden flooring a compatible mix. The surface can be cleaned easily and provides water resistance. Once you have installed it, pet accident will not be a headache anymore. It is advisable to add rugs to the room along with laminate. This makes the room more comfortable and safe for your pets.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Pets

Vinyl Flooring is a great alternative for those pets that are slightly messy. These materials are waterproof and you can easily clean them after a pet accident. They have a characteristic top layer coating. This prevents them from picking up scratches and impacts. The overall range of its use and the waterproof property makes it perfect for all those people with pets.

Pets are a big part of people’s families and many are ready to provide the best facility to their pets. There are several types of flooring that will offer a decent level of comfort and safety to your beloved pets.