The Most Important Design Features of an Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Web Design Features
Important Design Features

The stage of designing your online store can be a tricky one. Finding that perfect website theme, or even choosing a designer who knows your objectives, can eat into whatever little time you have. If you are yet to sell online, you might just feel as if you are looking for something that looks nice, with no grasp on what is important.

To understand what is vital and what is not, you have to know what the most significant ecommerce web design features are. This knowledge will help separate the designs which look nice from the ones that perform well. Understand these features of your online store’s design to get started on the next important stage.

Easily Understandable Navigation

The most important element of the design might well be navigation. Good navigation helps first-time visitors find what they are seeking without any hassle. Conversely, poor navigation frustrates new shoppers and may even cause them to go away from your website.

The question, therefore, is what constitutes good website navigation. The main point is to present your audience with a clear path, right from your landing page to your checkout page. No matter where one lands on, he or she should be having no problem finding their way around the site.

One common element that helps you better navigate a website is drop-down menu with clearly labeled divisions.

Compatibility with Every Device and Screen Size

As we keep seeing a surge in mobile-only online shoppers, you must be aware of the various devices and various screen sizes your customers use.

Responsive design is one approach to website making that automatically scales its appearance down or up to match the screen where it is viewed. It has quickly become one of the standards for sites in the recent past, owing partly to Google considering mobile-friendliness one ranking factor and them recommending responsive design as the best approach to comply.

Responsive design means to make your website’s design not just look great, but also make it function well on all devices, regardless of their size.

Fast Loading Times for All Pages

Most shoppers leave a site when it takes over 3 seconds to load up. No matter how good-looking your online store is, if it is slow to load, its bounce rate will increase and conversion rate will go down considerably.

To avoid losing numerous potential customers, you should look to implement a website design loading all of its resources quickly. Otherwise, you are bound to see both a high bounce rate and exit rate.

Do not worry; it is possible to create a beautiful website design without having to make your visitors impatient. Between compression tools, platform-specific plugins and tweaks, content delivery networks, you can make sure that even the largest graphical elements and photos load without delay.