What Fabrics are Used in Manufacturing Clothes for Infants?

Clothing Manufacturers

The clothes for infants are mostly made from many varieties of combinations of fabrics, just like the tiny bodies they are draped on. Reading all the labels on infant clothes and then trying to make sense of all of it is often a very confusing task. This article by Luxury Knit discusses in detail about the fabrics that are used to make clothing for infants.


Cotton is the most common fabric that is used for making clothes for infants, as it is soft and gentle on the skin of babies. Cotton clothes are mostly available in an organic form, and they often shrink up to ten percent after the initial cycle of washing and drying.

Cotton or Polyester Blends

Blended fabrics are often regarded as good choices for making clothes for babies as they dry quickly and resist wrinkling; they also cost lesser than infant clothes that are made of hundred percent natural fiber. Blended clothes are also easy to care and maintain as it doesn’t shrink a lot – this makes it a popular choice for busy parents.

Cotton or Spandex Blends

A cloth that is made of blending cotton and spandex is ultimately the best option when comfort is considered. They are often stretchable and can adjust with the movements of the baby, and this makes it the best option to be used to make baby legwarmers and tights. This is also an easy to maintain option.


Fleece is a warm and fuzzy option and is often used for making outer wears for babies as it is available in different weights. It is a good option for layering and seasons in between; it is a fabric that dries more quickly and is also a vegan alternative to wool introduced by the top clothing manufacturers like Luxury Knit. It is also a virtually stain-proof material that is very easy to care for.


Cashmere is a luxury textile that can often be found in high-end designer clothes for infants. These are suggested to people who have a laundry service or a personal maid as it requires a little bit of maintenance.


Bamboo has become a popular choice for making baby clothes. They are thermal regulating choices that adjust to the body temperature of infants. It is also an incredible choice for layering. It has a host of many of the other incredibly selling points – they are anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic as they are made out of cotton completely.