Do Mandatory Laws on Bicycle Helmet Reduce Injuries?

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It is approximated that wearing a bicycle helmet will reduce the odds of an injury to the head by 50%. At present, 21 states including California have some form of must-follow bicycle helmet laws. California lawyers personal injury handle bike accident claims, including those involving traumatic head injuries.

Bicycle Helmet Laws in California

All minors must wear a helmet while riding a bike on a public path designated for bicyclists, trail, or street. Bike helmets must fit properly and must conform to safety standards.

Those aged above 18 years are not mandated to wear helmets when riding a bicycle. They are still encouraged to wear one because it can reduce the possibility of head injuries should they fall from the bicycle or crash.

Besides the statewide law regarding this, some California municipalities have enacted their own bike helmet laws. Riders should check for local laws to make sure they follow any mandatory law, which applies in the area.

Do the Laws Reduce Injuries?

As per some sources, these laws alone do not lessen the number of injuries. However, many studies suggest a relatively positive connection between the passing of the law and injuries. As per researchers, injuries reduced after the law came into effect. They have also discovered that bike-related head injuries reduced considerably in places with the laws compared to where these do not apply.

These findings suggest that wearing a helmet can lessen the possibility of severe head injuries. However, by following this rule alone, there is no guarantee that these injuries will not happen.

An injured person should get to know whether they can file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver for compensation.

What to Do Before Filing a Cycle Accident Claim

When you are injured in an accident, report it to law enforcement in that area. You need to have an official report of your accident for insurance purpose. Contacting 911 to report your cycle accident is usually the fastest way to seek emergency services.

After getting in touch with law enforcement, document your accident scene by making videos and taking photos. If anyone witnessed your accident, then make sure to note down that individual’s name and contact details.

Seek treatment for your injuries; even when these seem to be mild, you cannot rule their severity out. Besides, what if there are some internal injuries? Only doctors can confirm whether or not you have these injuries. You need medical evidence of these for an injury claim. The other party may use your delays in treatment or failure to follow-through with a detailed treatment plan, as arguments to defend your claim. Using these arguments, they may try to convince the judge or jury that you were unharmed in the accident or that your injuries were not as serious as you claim.